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Artist and The Muse

I used to struggle with painting certain poses because I couldn't find an example picture of what I was looking for on Google. One day, I turned to a mirror, did a pose and that was all she wrote. All you need is a camera or phone, self-timer features, a mirror, and an open mind.

Use the Timer & Single Focus Point

Set your camera self-timer to 10 seconds or use a remote shutter release.

On the iPhone 11, I just tapped the setting and that gave me a 10 second countdown to get in position! Tapping on the screen also focuses and locks the lens on the single point – the button.

Then, I quickly moved into the place where the camera was focused. 

Get Creative & Snap Away!

Be sure and take a lot of photos and try different positions! 

I usually take at least 50 different photos and ended up with only a few favorites. 

So... set your camera up, start your home photoshoot, have fun, and become your own muse for your paintings and drawings!!!


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