Jazmine McFadden (b.1989), painter, writer, and illustrator, is a visionary Black artist  on a mission to create art that reflects the diversity of our world and contribute to a more representative and diverse art market while challenging gender stereotypes.  As a huge advocate of representation and culture, Jazmine’s colorful artworks and illustrations are relentless and ensures that her creative expression knows no bounds. Her inspiration is creating artworks, coloring books, and products for children and adults that exemplify and pay homage to ongoing themes of self-love, social justice, femininity, unity, family, and spirituality in the Black community.  Jazmine’s vision that “art is wonderful ambiguous and can transcend time and circumstance”, has newly inspired a generation of young collectors and aspiring artists.

When she isn't creating, Jazmine loves spending time with her fiancé and traveling all over the world. Her art is her therapy, and she intends to make an impact through creating authentically and being an inspiration for the African American community reminding them that it’s okay to turn your dreams into reality and flourish.


As a black woman who became an artist later in life after climbing the corporate ladder, I create with authenticity and as a reminder that its okay to turn your dreams into reality and flourish. My artwork is a celebration and homage to the rich culture, resilience, and beauty of the Black community. Inspired by the strength and creativity that emanates from Black individuals, I seek to capture their essence through my artistic expression. Through vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and intricate details, I aim to convey the diverse stories and experiences of Black people. I am deeply moved by our history, struggles, and triumphs, and it is within these narratives that my art finds its purpose. 

By shining a spotlight on the unique perspectives (especially of women), I hope to challenge societal norms and foster conversations about equality, justice, and representation. Through my art, I strive to create a platform for dialogue and understanding, allowing viewers to connect with the untold stories and experiences that have shaped the Black community.

My artistic process involves immersing myself in the culture (including my experiences from childhood) such as engaging with music, literature, history, and simply talking with individuals. I draw inspiration from the resilience and creativity that have emerged from adversity, channeling these emotions onto the canvas. Each brushstroke becomes a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Black community.

In a world where systemic discrimination and inequality still persist, my art serves as a visual testament to the profound lives within the black community. It is my hope that my creations inspire viewers to embrace diversity, challenge preconceived notions, and appreciate the immeasurable contributions of the Black community.