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My Story

Meet Jazmine McFadden


Jazmine McFadden is a former Internal Auditor turned full-time artist and entreprenuer who is the founder and CEO of her very own online gallery and art store, Art of Jaz, LLC. Jazmine, the painter, writer, and illustrator created her company with a mission to bring back creativity and exploration of life’s abundance for all ages within the African American community.  Based in Charlotte, NC,  and as a huge advocate of representation and culture, Jazmine’s colorful artworks and illustrations are relentless and knows no bounds. Her inspiration is creating contemporary artworks and coloring books for children and adults that exemplify and pay homage to ongoing themes of self-love, social justice, femininity, unity, family, and spirituality in the African American community.  Jazmine’s vision that “art is wonderful ambiguous and can transcend time and circumstance”, has newly inspired a generation of young collectors and aspiring artists.

Her career focused coloring books for children and affirmation focused coloring book for adults are created to stimulate the creative and empowerment of those who used them and “black art” collectors, educators, parents, and adults around the globe now have affordable black art as well as another children’s and/or adults coloring book to add to their bookshelves that benefits the children and community

Jazmine, a native of Uniondale, NY, officially launched her company, Art of Jaz, LLC, in 2020 but has been working hard to spread the word about the brand through social media and talking to potential customers since 2017. With a lifelong love for the visual arts, Jazmine has grown up under a creative influence her entire life. Jazmine began painting in 2017, as a mere hobby with no formal education or training, but she has since transformed into a self-taught contemporary artist and now illustrator and author selling her works through online platforms, and in person- events.

Over the last five years Jazmine has shown her work locally in Charlotte, NC, as well as in Atlanta and New York. Her art is her therapy, and she intends to make an impact through creating authentically and being an inspiration for the African American community reminding them that it’s okay to turn your dreams into reality and flourish.