NFT Artist

NFT Artist

I have official become an NFT Artist and everything about the process has been confusing but fun!

A few tips before you get started:

1. Do your research and understand what an NFT really is. Immerse yourself in everything NFT. Youtube University was my best friend! 

2. Do your research on minting and selling platforms to determine what is best for you and your work. I currently use rarible, opensea, and How you might ask? Well, once you mint on rarible, you can share and sell on both and opensea through your wallet.

3. Secure a wallet and ensure you have enough Ethereum. Metamask seems to be a great way to secure a wallet for the purpose of NFT development, selling, and receipt of funds once purchase. Keep in mind and consider minting fees

4. Security: keep your information safe.

5. Be smart about copyright; best practice is to of course- SELL YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WORKS. Think about rarity.. tell a story. Remember once you’ve sold a piece from your collection, it’s now the buyer’s turn to sell it for whatever price they want, so don’t set your bar too low or your item count too easy to collect. Also, you can collect royalties for each sale of your item as long as you set the percentage between 10%-50%.

    Just have fun with it. Share with your social media networks and watch your following grow.

    I am still learning the NFT Art world as I write this but it has been a fun ride thus far. Check out my original/one of a kind NFT's

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